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Rampa Head !!!

Our third full-length album, in glorious red and black! Featuring twelve sweet tracks, lots of new tunes, and all the energy we could muster!


Hawg Falcon T-Shirt!

Brand new shirts from the Whiskey Shivers factory of clothing excellence! The Hawg Falcon concept was created by the incomparable crucible of the Whiskey Shivers tour van and made a reality by the equally incomparable Hannah Zurko. Soft & comfy and fits like a glove. Anonymous model doesn't do it justice; this shirt is awesome. We're working on taking some sexy pics of us in these beauties, but meanwhile you can place an order and we'll have it on your way in a jiffy!


Friends Do Things Together

We made a split 7" vinyl with our dear friends Hello Wheels! It's beautiful, and you need one. Limited edition, so git yers now!

Features our very own Puddington Snoodge Rag on one side and the Wheels' new track Weigh Me Down on the other.

Update: We're almost sold out of vinyls, so we're now selling them only at our shows. Catch up with us on the road to snag one of these beauties!



In geology, a batholith is a "large emplacement of igneous intrusive rock." It is formed when several "plutonic diapirs" rise through and melt the surrounding country rock. And just like this latest full-length from Whiskey Shivers, Batholiths are huge, irregular, inappropriate, and impossible to ignore.


Just need the tunes? We also sell electronic-only versions of our albums at no need to wait for shipping or a re-stock.